I, Nadia Fattori, founded DekorPro3D in March 2018 having gained over twenty years of experience and having been driven by the passion for interior decor and design.


Decorations, elements which aim to embellish


Design, a process which allows the implementation/construction based on technical standards


Three dimensions, spatial three-dimensionality specified with cartesian coordinates X, Y and Z

These elements associated with minor exclusive and personal details will make your surroundings unique.


It all began with insight from Nadia Fattori who decided to get involved and make use of her versatile qualities to satisfy both existing and new clients after having gained over twenty years of experience in leading companies from within the industry.

The company was therefore founded to provide a different type of reality compared to those already in the market because it would base its entire philosophy on client demands. Nadia does in fact believe that the most important aspect of the profession is to develop the client’s thought process and to satisfy it to the maximum so that people can only feel satisfied once you can see happiness in their eyes. This is why she is always attentive to your needs, listens to your every word, and turns your wishes into reality.

Interior Designer:
Nadia Fattori

Nadia began her professional activity as a recent graduate by working as a technical and architectural designer for a well-known architectural firm, initially working manually before turning to the aids of specific software. Her work also included drafting interior and end projects for important private homes.

She was then faced with a new experience in the field of office and commercial furniture at a specialist store more than nine years later. The tasks carried out included all of the phase required to create the surroundings: from contacting the client, taking 3D design measurements through to calculating estimates and selling products with subsequent support throughout the assembly phase.

She took the opportunity around seven years later to manage a sales outlet of a well known household and PET company where she gained considerable experience in terms of general household appliance knowledge and customer care.

She had been working as a sales consultant for a major wholesale furniture company in Tuscany and in Piedmont before founding DekorPro3D in March 2018, and it was here where she had to introduce the company to potential clients and offer solutions tailored to the purchasers’ needs.

All of this allowed Nadia to be able to open DekorPro3D with the wealth of experience and with the humility of those who have gained in-depth knowledge of the industry over a period of time whilst continuously going that extra mile.

It is for this reason that DekorPro3D can provide the client with a complete service which is ready to meet any type of demand because our satisfaction equals your satisfaction.


Nadia is able to design surroundings by using furniture which is actually available on the market and which is supplied directly by various producers who share their graphic portfolios with her, all of which is possible thanks to the use of professional software such as Metron, Media Design, Tricad and ArredoCad. These projects are not only able to create your environment in 3D graphics, but they can also provide a quote for any newly designed surroundings.

We are able to provide you with furnishings and furnishing accessories at more than competitive prices thanks to the large number of partnerships Nadia has established over the years and which she retains every day, both with furniture stores, and directly with manufacturers.

Once the design of your home has been completed, Nadia will also advise you on purchasing chandeliers, rugs, ornaments e linen because DekorPro3D has been earmarked by important brands which have decided to entrust them with their own top of the range items, some of which are over a hundred years old, and all of this in spite of being in existence for barely over a year.


Yes, Nadia’s objective has been to accompany the client from the initial contact through to after-sales care ever since she made the decision to found DekorPro3D. She will inspect your surroundings herself and will, if needs be, also identify the position of electricity and gas connections, will check lighting systems and will offer consultation and design, sales and after-sales services. Everything to satisfy your desires.

With over twenty years of experience, respect for and attention to your requests…. please choose DekorPro3D when it comes to designing your new surroundings.