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Interior Design: Expert advice

When did you start your business and why have you chosen this path?

DekoPro3D Interiors: Back in 2018 after multiple and varied experiences in the interior design industry: from design to furniture restoration work, from consulting to sales, it was time to give my career a boost which is the result combining three elements: the need, the skill and the passion. The need to satisfy the client’s demands in every respect, the skill to be able to do this thanks to a vast and constantly updated cultural background to the industry, and finally the passion, which is the love for this profession.

Do you have four “DIY” tips to give a touch of design to your home?

DekoPro3D Interiors: I would rather say a hint of personality to your home if I may do so. Design is essentially the in-depth and constant search for the ideal combination of material and technological innovation, ergonomics and harmonising shapes. This refinement is so striking that it suffices to have only one or two pieces of well contextualised “design” within one dwelling meaning that the result can already be appreciated and it is not taken for granted. But in answer to your question, I still believe that people need a recurring theme within each room, whether this be a colour, a material or a type of accessory as opposed to the person who lives around it.

What are the first steps taken to furnish an apartment?

DekoPro3D Interiors: Well of course you need to carry out a thorough inspection of the surroundings and gain a thorough knowledge of the needs of those living there. A face to face meeting with the client is required to understand what is expected and where it is possible to satisfy their needs whilst keeping an eye on any practical criteria, energy savings, respect for the environment and of course on aesthetics and finances.

How do you choose the right colour and the various combinations?

DekoPro3D Interiors: The colour is essentially chosen on the basis of the final effect which people wish to convey by keeping it inside rather than shifting it into the other room: relaxation, warmth, welcome, vivacity, protection. This also involves certain elements such as both natural and artificial lighting, exposure, breadth, the presence or lack of gradients and other aspects. We will create the unexpected “scenery stroke” if we coat a wall or an item of furniture with an imposing colour and a contrast we have considered while a dual tone in earthy, natural colours is a given for obtaining a harmonious, continuous effect. Is it perhaps untrue that we remember the details of a beautiful home we least expect to?

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